exoskeleton (biocatharsis) wrote,

Moving :: Part 1

... it is being renovated so we can't move in 'til, erm, July? As it needs an entire kitchen & a shower/bathtub. The complex reminds me of Spahn Ranch, but no dead bodies lying around, one can only dream (; . The cottage itself is connected to an old style motel, like Bates. Minus a neon electric sign & again, corpses. The front yard has a flagstone patio connected 2 a granny glorious porch [in need of a rockin chair]. The front left & all of the left side is windows with flower boxes outside. A small gated yard for Jazzy & Sebastian... Fook ! I'll show pics in the next entry.

Anyroad, I'm out kids. Got some work to do.
Love & Rockets,
+Jenniver Von BrökenHymen+
Tags: manitou springs, neo, new, new beginnings, new home
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