exoskeleton (biocatharsis) wrote,

Todays entry brouught 2u by the letter "F".


Me & my brain & my heart cannot take the pain n e more. What pain? No. Not physical. Metaphoric pain. Phantom pain. phantom pain to the me I once knew. The me that is attached to the memories of a girl, a woman? Who still exsists in me, buut, is lost in the potpourri hodgepodge of a drug meshed mind & swiss cheese symptomatic brain. Fuck anxiety, PTSD, BiPolar, mania & ADHD! I don't want labels, I want herrrr {me, ME} back! Okay, enough with exclamations & emotion.

I realized today everything I thought {& was taught} to be true.. is in fact, not.

It's been so long since I've felt something, besides the pain, I'm paralyzed by the self medicating, mentally.

I. Want. My. Life. Back.

I'm taking it back.
Tags: death, deny, learning, lie, life, truth, unlearn
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