exoskeleton (biocatharsis) wrote,

Meth Stories

i have a million and one crystal-sparkly thoughts that are completely tongue-tied.

THE precise synopsis for my brain pain.

In other{worldly} news:: I finally broke down & had D drag my azz to the Hospital as I know when I am septic, infected. T'was my bladder/ureter/TP'd kidney. A simple UTI inFUCKtion, literally ;) .!. Glory bee that I was not admited. For various reasons.

In fact, this latest visit was the most pleasant 2 date. I had a military efficient Dr. & a seasoned 30 year {slightly jaded} Nurse, Mark. Danke fur das spritze! -trans--> thank u 4 the shot {{ov Dilaudid}} ... my I.V. was obtained in ONE poke *is used to 6-8 pokes*

In & out in less than 3 hours. That *is* a record.

What mad this visit the bees knees of all visits was how proud I am of myself for not asking for pain meds right off the bat let alone even thought of it to boot! Dr. Maul {&hearts} ordered it for me & Sir Mark shot me up ha! & whilst this was going on I invented a new style of TelevisionPhotgraphyFantastik I like to actually call NeoOrganicElectric Impressionism. [ see previous entry for examples | copious amounts to upload follows ] plus, some über institutionalized neon lit shots & of course the routine photochronicle of my I.V.

And on that note, I'm Off to bed via a beautiful chemical wedding.
Tags: catheter, emergency room, insomnia, intravenous, needle, sleep, syringe
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