exoskeleton (biocatharsis) wrote,

Moving Part Zero0Oo

I've d8ed a Virgo {spoiled me with n e thing I wanted, but was sneaky & cheated on me, of course the 2nd time around I got revenge, once[not enough 4 me, enough 2 damage him back 2.. aaaanyroad]} for 5yrs: then again for 3 yrs. 3 years l8r. He was my highschool sweetheart. He was murdered, shot point blank in the heart with a .22. !'ve d8ed a Gemini cop. {*yawn*} I d8ed an Aries [ultra-damaged] X-Marine, severely abusive & an alchoholic which I endured for 4 months. Meshed with random Scorpios, 1 night stands, others with other substance abuse problems & flings {mostly with mild drinking habits, however daily as it were} Somehow I still manage to have some Hymen left.

The Libra Man I have been with for the past 2 years is going 2 prison 2morrow. This Man *is* the only 1 that I have loved among all my flings, fiascos & flirtings. i know now, through him, what

I can honestly say I've seen, felt & done it all with a lover. However, D [theee Man] is the one, 1, ONE!¡ & now he is leaving to be locked up for a substantial amount of time. i bhave him with me 2nite... probably our last night 2gether. my heart hurts & my stomache churns. i feel gushes of heat & waves of anxiety & all i want to do is make love to him.

N E road, so ya. Obviously we r not moving in that cottage together.. I will be living alone for the 1st time in my life. I am numb & resistance to the pain is futile.

oOh, + eye just got out of Detox 2 days ago. I'll save that for the next orbit.

Love & Rockets,
+Jenniver Von KünstlichFawn+
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