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poppies gonna make me sleep

Quote: "dont worrry about her... she's sleeping with Prince Valium tonight." -Lydia Deets portrayed by Wynona Ryder | via the Tim Burton film BeetleJuice circa 1989

Anywho, onward. Sooo, ah, yes valium[dually noted,now], benadryl, oxycodone [pharmie Proper term for perKocet]yes?yes! I know "C" not "K". Ich bin deutsch.. so, natürlich, ich macht "K" gern. Where was i? Ah, YES! Seroquel, diphenhydremine [teehee gotcha!, its already listed, however, which brand name is this the pharmaceuticalproperchemical name for boys & girls?], clonazepam, APAP, prograff, rapamune, prednisone, coumadin [warfarin], lasix, lisinopril, celexa.

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Tags: daily regimine, drug interactions, drugs, immunosupressants, kidney transplant, medications, painkillers, prescription, renal
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