exoskeleton (biocatharsis) wrote,

I'm on a plane... I can't complain

Today My adventure begins. It has been 11 years since I've traveled anywhere in an aiplane & I am so excited to do so. Also, I've never flown alone. It feels so liberating that after all the health hell & reverting bacwards to finally be moving forward with my life & being on my own, single & independant. No one to answer to for the first time in my life. I flew out of Denver early in the a.m today & arrived here in Newark New Jersey about 5pm. This is a humongeous airport. My cell phone was dead so I found an electrical outlet to charge it in & am typing from my laptop. A nun is just to the left of me, feel very safe even though I am right outside new york city. My lay over is 5 hours, if I had more time I would go check it out.

My day started at a quarter to 5am from my home in Colorado Springs. My Aunt Marion took me to the airport in Denver. I checked in for my flight a half an hour too late ( which was an hour & a half from departure ) so they booked me for the next flight out to newark. Originally I would have departed at 8:25am, but I finally flew out of DIA around 11:30. Come to find out the reason in all actuality was because the president was flying into Newark & no flights came in or out for two hours. Other than that the flight was fantastic. I forgot how crammed airplanes are... also because I sat inbetween two big men. It wasn't horrible though. I had a delicious fresh baby spinach, button mushroom, cherry tomato, fried/crunchy onions & grilled chicken salad with this fantastic vinegarette dressing on the airplane accompanied with a cognac & coke to wash it down. LOL, i have to admit I was a bit anxious so the drink took the edge off. All in all I enjoy traveling by myself... for obvious reasons. Namely no aggrivation of arguing with another person on what to eat where to sit etc.

My flight leaves in 3 hours from now to Providence. I'm on my way to see my best (girl)friend in the entire world & her Boy. They live smack dab between Boston & Providence on the Mass & Rhode island border. I'm looking very forward to seeing them. I have not seen cillian since he was 2, over two years ago.

I was becoming very drowsy so I went to get an iced, stong coffee as it is ultra hot & muggy here in New Jersey. As I was walking away from the counter I hear a man say "Miss!" so I turn around & there is an adorable & short NYPD officer standing there. I had left my wallet at the counter. THANK GOD it was cop that found it. Good thing I got that coffee, shows how exhausted I was!

I have to catch a bus from this terminal of the airport to another so I best be going back through sercurity & grab a bite to eat before my flight departs.
Tags: adventure, coffee, liberation, new jersey, new york, newark, travel
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