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Welcome SummerSolstice:: the longest day of the year

:HIGH-lights | 06.21.2010:

•Baked in our oven--->Turtle cookies
•naturally patinæd copper pinkPoppy planter
•Hole:: Behind the Music on VH1 [finaly. finaly, fina-FUCKING-ly]
•french fried sweet potatoes, a rose, beautiful friends, love & pain.

today was an amplified electrically marvelous 1st day of Summer. i spent most of the day in the garden & near a 100+ yr. old treeee! smoked trees, ate hearty protiens & sweet bliss O, & curry!


Ooo eye heart eye ooO

My HomeBoy & I went to Petco today. I decided I want a beta fish. he will be an opalescent Half Moon Male. I will put him in my 19th century antique glass disabled female urinal, for a fish bowl. Eventually also, an aurora borealis & red Boi in a square glass bowl. Franz Opal [w last or 1st name] "KÜNSTLICH" & Mr. LadyBug[maybe] . we shall see.

I've been thinking about painting again a bunch as of late. I have also developed a Neo &hearts Love for photography.

i call these NeoOrganicElectric Impressionism:.


Both were taken from an 8×10 television screen in my ER room last night. {That story in next entry} these r both roses in faux neon nature.


...& many more of those to upload ×here×.

Last, I promise {myself} to complete the journal entry I've had drafted, & have been working on, since 06.12.2010 by the weekend. HA!

.:Initiate Human Upgrade:. 1233 hours 06.21.2010
standby mode on

Love & Rockets,
+Jenniver Von BrökenHymen+
Tags: fish, friends, happiness, painting, photography, summer solstice
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